dearest void


dearest void


dearest void is a collection of writings completed by Igor Brezhnev between the years of 2012 and 2016 and produced by Liquid Gravity Publishing for this limited edition.

Discover short prose poems and a couple short stories located somewhere between the mystical and the mundane, death and love, hope and despair, magic and reality, humanity and otherness. dearest void is a kind of travel diary with entries arranged not by date or place, but some arcane measure of encountered feeling.

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Dearest Void is nectar for the soul. Words drip into my heart opening feelings that have been vacated from this realm of awareness for decades. This book is a forever must read because of the power it emanates in living the human experience. An incredible gift for those in times of transition, heart ache, human suffering, and mere existence. Buy it.

—Jennifer Rogers

Can a person have eyes as seeing as telescopes and a heart as large as planet Earth? Yes. Proof? This book.

— Mary L. Holden

Igor's poetry is beautiful and poignant, inspiring and touching. It challenges me to look deep within myself and speaks to expansive depth of human emotions. It's my go-to book for when I'm traveling (I even have it in my suitcase on my work trip as I type this.) "dearest void" is an incredibly special book and I highly recommend reading it (at least once but maybe a hundred times.)

—Kendra L.