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typewritten poem 'bridges'

typewritten poem 'bridges'


I have some left over gatefolds and envelopes for custom poems I’ve made for the kickstarter campaign. So I thought I’d use them up and type up the new poems that I have written since the book got published and offer them here.


i want to write about bridges,
all of the bridges i’ve crossed,
metaphorically and otherwise,
and that one time on the river,
that is so far from now and here:
rocking waters full of tomorrow,
lilies and cattails and silver fish;
quietude punctuated by frogs,
elongated by storks standing,
standing guard over memory,
hunting frogs’ exclamations,
swallowing commas and periods
leaving silence on water resting.

i want to write about bridges,
all of the bridges i’ve burned,
metaphorically, and who would
burn an actual bridge unless
there is war. unless an enemy
is about to cross your river,
unless an enemy is upon you
and you just want a few days,
quiet days to not be at war,
war is within us. always war.
quietly sneaking over bridges.
bridges burning. over rivers.
rivers we do not cross twice.

portland, oregon - 08.26.18

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