Igor Brezhnev


'america is...' digital broadside

'america is...' digital broadside


Get the digital version of the poem 'america is...' It turned out great—I'm quite happy to include in the poem the illustrations by two wonderful artists—Grace Anderson and Bernard McKenna. The e-book is fixed format to preserve the feel of the printed book and the text is not searchable.

The digital download includes three different file formats:

  • ePub (for Apple devices)

  • mobi (for Kindle devices)

  • PDF (for any PDF reader)

One more note, you are free to share this poem with friends, provided you do not alter the files in any way. You are also free to print it out (if you can figure out how) for personal use or giving it to your friends, but I would like to ask that you do not sell the copies of it.

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