Igor Brezhnev is an author, an artist and a graphic designer, dubbed idea shaman by his clients. He is roaming the West Coast thinking up new art, books and helping shape creative projects.



What's Patreon? It is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to support the creators whose work you enjoy and who you want to continue to create more work.

In the days before Internet a few lucky artists and writers had patrons, generally wealthy philanthropic individuals who purchased art, issued stipends and made artists' lives easier so they could continue to create inspiring and world-changing works of art. The world has changed since then. There are a lot more creators and it is harder and harder to get financial support for artistic endeavors.

Patreon changes that by providing fans of artists' work with an ability to financially support them with monthly pledges, distributing the rather expensive business of making art among many people, not just one or two wealthy individuals.

While $1, $5 or even $20 per month doesn't seem like an amount that would make a difference in projects that take months or even years and thousands of dollars of investment to develop, it does. Igor has set up a Patreon account in January of 2016 and since then, even with just a few patrons, it certainly made a difference and kept him from giving up on writing and creating visual art and gives him hope to tackle even larger projects in the future.

Check out his Patreon feed and browse through the free content. Igor would love your input on what rewards you'd like to be offered or type of patron-only content that you are interested in. Please consider becoming his patron and don't hesitate to contact him with any questions or suggestions you may have.