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Igor Brezhnev is a poet, an author, an artist and a graphic designer. He is roaming the West Coast thinking up new art, books and helping shape creative projects.

america is a dry cookie and other love stories

This book is a collection of poetry by Igor Brezhnev published by Liquid Gravity Publishing in August of 2018 after a successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. It contains 100 poems written between 2010 and 2018. The book consists of two parts. First part contains the illustrated poem ‘america is…’ which highlights the good, the bad and the ugly of today’s American experience and sets the background for the second part, titled ‘other love stories’, a gathering of poems that speak of subjects ranging from grief to romantic love to playful examination of today’s customs and mores.

You can find studio recordings of some of the poems from this book on Igor’s first poetry album Good Days & Bad Days on igorbrezhnev.bandcamp.com


'america is...' poem booklet

‘america is…’ poem in a 4.25”x5.5” booklet. Each booklet is numbered is stamped.

about ‘america is...’

This poem and part of this afterword has been featured by Nailed Magazine on the 4th of July of 2018. I deeply appreciate the symbolism of that particular occurrence. Many thanks to Sam Preminger, the poetry editor of the magazine for making it happen. Visit Nailed Magazine at www.nailedmagazine.com

The illustrations for this poem have been made by two very talented artists Grace Anderson and Bernard McKenna. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to include their work with mine in print.

The poem is long. It could be longer. There is much to say about life in America. It is repetitive, but then so are fast food franchises and strip malls. The poem has been inspired by a few train rides, as well as many personal and witnessed experiences in the twenty-five years of becoming a part of the tapestry of life in America.

The number of verses has been capped at 67 to represent 50 states, one federal district, and the 16 territories that comprise the geography of the USA. Somehow the territories are forgotten in the count most of the time, which to me is a constant reminder of unrepresented people in this country.

I feel that American experience cannot be summed up, but it can be highlighted, that is what this poem is. It is a light on the good, the bad, and the ugly of time and space that America is today. It is a condensation of the emotions all around us. It is my hope that those who have not felt these emotions would do so through this poem and be able to empathize, and that those who have felt would know they are not unheard. Ultimately, it is a call for change—see the bad and the ugly and confront it.




Taking a roll call for a new chapbook

Between January 18th and February 19th I’ve written a series of poems, a poem every night, documenting an emotional journey of being without a permanent home. I’ve typeset the first 33 poems into 5x7 chapbook titled nights since (vol. 1) and now am taking a roll call of people interested in pre-ordering the chapbook. Here’s the link to that: igorbrezhnev.com/nights-since.

Thank you!

Video of Reading at Shady Pines Media

‘Good Days & Bad Days’ Poetry Album Released


This audio album is a collection of poems written and read by Igor Brezhnev. Some of these poems have been published in Igor's book 'america is a dry cookie and other love stories' and some are new, written since the publication of the book. The album was recorded at Shady Pines Media by Brian Bauer.

Get your copy of the album on bandcamp.

Reading Poetry on Lighthouse Sessions

The other day I got to hang out at KBOO radio station, read some poetry, and chat with Laedi Monte on Lighthouse Sessions program. You can listen to me reading ‘america is…’ poem and a couple of other poems on KBOO’s website. If you got a few hours—check out the most awesome jam session in hour three of the broadcast.

Here’s the link: https://kboo.fm/media/69712-lighthouse-sessions-120718

Portland Poetry & Performance Events Calendar

I’ve added a little page with recurring events in Portland, Oregon that welcome spoken word and poetry. I’ll keep adding events and links as time goes by. Hope it helps you find some days filled with art. Check it out.

‘america is…’ digital broadside is now available

You can now read ‘america is…’ on your e-book reader. Purchase the download and get the poem in three formats: ePub, mobi & PDF.

‘america is…’ digital broadside (kindle reader not included ;) )

‘america is…’ digital broadside (kindle reader not included ;) )

'america is...' poem is available as a booklet

The first few copies of 'america is...' poem in a 36 page 4.25"x5.5" booklet have arrived from Impact Printing. Each booklet is numbered and stamped. This first printing consists of 50 copies. The six copies currently stocked are 3/50 through 8/50, the rest of the first printing should arrive within the next week or two. Get your copy here.

Update (09/12/18): the first printing is here—copies 9/50 through 50/50 are in stock.

america is a dry cookie now available
at tender loving empire location on hawthorne

Tender Loving Empire has picked up a few copies of 'america is a dry cookie and other love stories' to carry at their Hawthorne location. Such a good feeling to see the book sitting there. TLE has carried my previous book 'dearest void' and it feels like home. If you are in Portland, go check the store out: 3541 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97214 (Open 10-7 Daily) and support local musicians, artists and crafts people.


sometimes reading at places

Sometimes I read my poetry at places where groups of people congregate. Sometimes I know in advance where and when that happens. Keep an eye out for new readings on the new nifty events page. I am also in the process of booking a book tour—it is a d.i.y. affair, so I need all the help I can get—connect me with your favorite poetry reading venues in Pacific Northwest, on the West Coast and in the Southwest. Thanks!

new book available to order

My new book 'america is a dry cookie and other love stories' is now available to order. Read more about the book in the Books section.


patreon re-launched

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows people who want to support an artist to make a monthly contribution in exchange for content produced by the artists, which in turn allows the artist to continue to create. 

I've recently re-launched my Patreon account with emphasis on writing. I am still working out the details of reward tiers and goals. For the moment it serves as a blog documenting progress on post-Kickstarter campaign tasks.

Meanwhile, your support will help me bring my book out on the tour, create collaboration projects with other artists, and more importantly to write more poetry and prose. Check it out at patreon.com/igorbrezhnev.

Thank you for your support!

website update

The website has changed quite a bit. I have retired sections pertaining to my graphic design practice and visual art, as my current focus is on writing and taking my new book on the road. There's still a lot of work ahead to make this website more functional, so check back often for new content. 

I do still offer some graphic design and art direction services, but my time is extremely limited and I take on very few projects. Please contact me directly if you think your project is a good fit. Priority is given to book design projects and projects for artists and performers. You can still find some of my graphic design portfolio images at www.igorbrezhnevdesign.com

kickstarter campaign successfully funded

The Kickstarter campaign for my new book 'america is a dry cookie and other love stories' has been successfully funded on July 15th 2018. I am very grateful for the support of everyone who has backed the book. Now the work commences on producing the book and fulfilling rewards.

'america is...' poem featured by Nailed Magazine

The poem 'america is...' was featured by Nailed Magazine on July 4th 2018. Read the full poem at nailedmagazine.com/poetry/america-is-by-igor-brezhnev

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