Igor Brezhnev is an author, an artist and a graphic designer, dubbed idea shaman by his clients. He is roaming the West Coast thinking up new art, books and helping shape creative projects.


I'd like to offer you a few gifts as my thanks. Please feel free to download these print-ready PDF files of my art for your personal use.

Print as many copies as you like, hang the art on your walls, give the prints as gifts to your friends to enjoy. I'd like to ask you not to sell my work and not use it in derivative works of your own without my permission—please ask before doing that.



This page is a reminder to myself of the most important realization I have had during the last two decades: none of my creations are made by me alone. Everything you see before you—my art, my books, my work, even my life—is achieved through the graceful support of people around me. If not for the people surrounding me—the ones holding me up in dark times, celebrating bright times with me, inspiring me, questioning me, sharing their lives with me—I would not be alive to write these words. I am grateful beyond words to these people. This is not an exhaustive list, as so many have helped me without my knowledge. Please add yourself to this list, because your visit and your attention are a precious gift in my book. 

To all of you my deepest and most sincere gratitude.

—Igor Brezhnev

GoFundMe Campaign

Most recently I've been recovering from an extreme mental burn-out and health issues and found myself in need of help of my friends. My friend Susan Penrod has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help me recover and get a home-on-wheels to reduce the stress associated with being essentially homeless during the last six years. I'm very grateful for all the help I've received and keep receiving in that campaign.

Many many thanks to Susan Penrod, Keegan Hall, Kelly Grommes, Nicole Duran, Kyla Dammann, Aleicia DeCenzo, Anna F. Miller, Joey Robert Parks, Emily Penrod, Marlow DeVonne, Christopher Kennedy, Jeff Moss, Warren Chu, Natasha Mishano, Kate Craer, Dan Stone, Jess Young, Jon Marino, Sandra Ávila-Gamio, Ryan Hall, Julia Nemodruk, Drew Wheeler, Andrew Kaiser, Greg Beck, Rob Craer, Alexia Bednarz, Jessica Phillips, Nina Moore, Matt Fischer, Ana Maria Rudas, Joy McDonald, Aaron Petz, Travis Fetting, Amy Dushane, Mike & Jillian Schley, Georgette Star, Lara Brown, Peter Madine, Nathan Coury, Nidaa Aboulhosn, Chris Marks, Marie P. Anderson, Ethan Matthews, Annette Moody, Jon Linton, Andrew Beckius, Joy Matsushita-Saul, Nancy Hill, Victoria Marie Stevens, Amy Burton, Michael Twenty-three, Lynda Harpe, Kate Doster, Patrick Widing, Laela Echelberger, Jean Bruner, Dane Martin, Rebecca Kreutzer, Rafael Navarro, Devin Fleenor and Cora Weiland.

Your help gave me hope, ability to cope with ongoing stress, and is helping my recovery. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


In 2016 I've set up a Patreon account to help me fund my artistic endeavors and have slowly been sharing my art there. I'd like to thank my patrons that are sticking with me through thick and thin and supporting my art. Many a time those contributions made a difference between going hungry and having something to eat. I hope eventually that I can channel your support into public art projects that make at least a small difference in our world—inspire, uplift and motivate change. 

Special thanks to Andrew Kaiser, who suggested first that I set up a Patreon account and to Joey Robert Parks who supports all my artistic endeavors. Many thanks to Derrick MacGavin and Anna F. Miller who have been my Patrons for nearly a year. My continued thanks to Brendon Cottrell, Sandra Ávila-Gamio, Josue Laura, Jennifer Alyse Rogers, Kelli Lair and Jess Carmen Young for their ongoing support!

Dearest Void

Dearest Void would not be possible without support of many people who have helped me in the past four years prior to publishing and beyond, who inspired me to write and kept me whole in times of need.

The first printing of dearest void was made possible by these generous companies: 
Impact Printing, Central Bindery, Pavlik Laminating. My many thanks to all the individuals working at these companies for helping me bring my vision to life.

A very special thank you to these people without whom this book would not exist:

Rob Craer, my friend of many years, my biggest supporter, the largest heart I know, and the first person to encourage me to be a writer.

Joey Robert Parks, my friend in all weathers, who continues to inspire, support and encourage all my creative endeavors, without whom this book would not be here.

Tom & Linda Bleasdale, my friends and mentors, for years of gracefully putting up with an unexpected houseguest, nourishing me and continuing to share their immense wisdom with me.

Jon Marino & Sandra Ávila-Gamio, my friends, for creating the space in their home where this book was conceived and made alive.

Jessica Phillips, my friend, for saying the right thing at the right time, and inspiring me to create this book.

To my friends in Portland and Phoenix a big thank you for giving me places to live and work, for being there in both good and not so good days, for making writing of this book possible:

Faisal Albuzaya, Lily Balogh, Becca Barbanell, Steve Bass, Tommy Bleasdale, Tiffany Bloomingdale, Javier Soteldo Brandt, Brendon Cottrell, Noel & Michael D’Avy, Nicole Duran, Devin Fleenor, Julian Forest, Arista Gates, Dorothy Glenn, Dianna Glick, Kathryn Henneman, Mary Holden, Chris Hill, Andy Joslin, Andrew Kaiser, Kelli Lair, Derrick MacGavin, Jessica Manley, Ethan Matthews, Anna F. Miller, Natasha Mishano, Christian O’Connell, Matthew H. Owens, Susan & Tony Penrod, Jennifer Alyse Rogers, Brit Shostak, Ike Theerman, Erik & Michelle Tedhams, Emily Echo Thunderbolt, Robert W. Usher III, Sid Walters and Drew Wheeler.

To the owners and crews of Lux Central and Fehrenbacher Hof, my homes in Phoenix and Portland respectively, a thank you for providing me with good cheer, spaces to exist, nourishment and coffee, and everything else that made these places a home when I had none.

To my patrons on Patreon: thank you for supporting me and my creative endeavors! To all the people I forgot to mention by name, my sincerest apologies. Please know if you have been in my life even for an hour—you have been a part of making this book. Thank you! 

To the readers: thank you for picking this book up.

Imperfect Geometry Art

Imperfect Geometry art series would not exist without the support of these people.

To Nicole Duran, thank you for welcoming me to stay Raise The Vibration Reiki Healing Studio, where majority of this art series was created. 

To Rob Craer, thank you for creating the best prints of this series and your continual and unwavering support.

To Jeff Fischer, thank you for creating Lux Central, the space in which I could show this art, and putting up with my unorthodox presentation. 

To Alana E. Roberts, thank you for assisting with promoting this art series.

To Kathryn Henneman, thank you for your continual support and inspiration.

To Dianna Glick, thank you for opening Alchemy Cafe to me and being a great friend in a new city.

Many thanks to all the people who have purchased prints of this and those who gave this art their attention. 

The Book of Possibilities

Many thanks to these people for making the book of possibilities a reality.

To Jon Marino, thank you for your encouragement and helping choose the title.

To Rob Craer, thank you for help along the way and all the ways that you have aided in getting this book out to the world.

To Mike & Gayle Patton, thank you for hosting me and providing space in which this book was compiled and produced. 

To Mary L. Holden, thank you for your editing insight and allowing my work to breathe.

To Killian McKeown, thank you for an unforgettable video filming day.

To Jeff Fischer, thank you for creating Lux Central, the place where this book was conceived.

To these wonderful beings my thanks for providing inspiration and support in my life and making of this book: 

Tom & Linda Bleasdale, Natasha Mishano, Kathryn Henneman, Shelly Childers, Alan Watts, Linda Sirotka, Matthew H. Owens, Howard Johns, Mike & Jillian Schley, Steve Bass, Jamie Bonnell, Christian O’Connell, Tyler Payne, Brittany Olp, Vincenz Saccento, Amy Rae Pearson, Nicole Duran, Alicia Nittle, Yai Vila, Joey Robert Parks, Robert W. Usher III, Asha Vie, Michelle Blades, Cheyenne Poole, Courtney Marie Andrews, Brit Shostak, Becca Barbanell, Sierra Joy, Lindsey Magee, the Kongos family, Brendon Forrest Cottrell, Jane Joyce, Julian Forest, the Alston family, Alana E. Roberts, Susan Penrod, Alicia Olivas‐Borg, Nidaa Aboulhosn, Diane Banyai and many others.


The 600x600 art series in its physical form would not be possible without help from Matthew H. Owens, Natasha Mishano, Vera Almann and Rob Craer. I also would like to thank Ksusha Ovchinnikova and Yulia Popova for creative inspiration along the way. Many thanks to gallery spaces in Phoenix and Scottsdale for a wonderful journey of showing the art to the public. Special thank you to Bill Traynor, a former owner of Café Del Sol, who hosted Threading Tales traveling group art show for many weekends, and Jeff Fischer of Lux Central, who has hosted the last full 600x600 art show. 


This list of thanks would most likely be the longest of all. Inspiration comes from many places and you never know when some small action or inaction becomes the catalyst for creation of art. So if my eyes have landed on you or your creations, if my ears have heard you, I've been inspired by you and so here I thank you. However, I want to express a very special thank you here to four people who are no longer in this world.

To Karl Stone, my friend, my thank you for your words of wisdom and guiding me towards the creative path. Without you I would have stayed in the world of gears and gizmos without discovering wonders of creating.

To Howard Johns, a wonderful stranger, my thank you for your well-remembered advice to take a break often and to never give up.

To J., I will always remember you. Thank you burning brightly even if for a short time. 

To my grandfather, thank you for your love and care and many lessons in life. You are with me always. 

Website Credits

Thank you to Bill Goodman, Matt Fischer, Cassandra Powers, Courtney Marie Andrews, Killian McKeown and Denny Kongos for the photos of me used on this website.

Thank you to Natasha Mishano for photos used in my design portfolio. Also thank you to Jennifer Alyse Rogers for two photos used in my design portfolio.

Thank you to Mikhaela Klyueva for the original execution of my logo symbol.

Thank you to Joey Robert Parks and Robert W. Usher III for proofreading and helping me edit the copy for this beast.

My Clients

Last but not least, I'd like to thank my many clients over the years for their trust and support. Many of you have become my dear friends and allowed my creative side flourish in your projects. Thank you for helping me become a better me. As always I wish you great success and luck on your journeys and look forward to creating with you!

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