Igor Brezhnev is an author, an artist and a graphic designer, dubbed idea shaman by his clients. He is roaming the West Coast thinking up new art, books and helping shape creative projects.

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Graphic Design & Art Direction

Igor Brezhnev has the perfect combination of creativity, technology savvy, client intuition and professionalism that I could ever need in an Art Director or Graphic Designer. I’ve utilized his services for several years and I do so with great enthusiasm knowing that he will be the solution to my creative needs. Everyone needs an Igor!
— Marie P. Anderson, Transformational Speaker

There are two core beliefs that drive Igor Brezhnev’s art direction and graphic design practice. First is that purpose of design is to deliver the core message to the intended audience and inspire desired action. Second is that authenticity and simplicity are the two legs that do the walking for any message.
In the span of the last decade Igor has worked with clients in variety of fields and sizes located all over the world. His work has been featured in graphic design compilation books, print design inspiration blogs and has won awards. Igor utilizes his multidisciplinary knowledge of graphic and typographic design, visual and verbal communication, history, linguistics, sociology and psychology to help his clients deliver their messages. 
Currently his practice is primarily focused on helping independent entrepreneurs—artists, writers, musicians, photographers, craftspeople, and individuals in professional service fields, small local businesses that are integral parts of their communities and organizations that have a great vision to change the world for the better.
Below are a few samples of his work in print, book, identity and web design categories. If you are looking to retain Igor’s services you can start the process by filling out the new client questionnaire.

Print Design

Igor has a fondness for printed matter, whether it is a business card or a book. His designs are often tactile, his selection of materials and special finishing processes engage the audience from the first touch.

Igor’s clarity and genius ability to expand and simplify my ideas is like no other. Igor’s work stays timeless and allows the business to remain organic to its roots, vision & clarity. Igor’s work benefits the conscious collective with community leaders who one by one are raising the vibration of the planet!
— Nicole Duran, Reiki Master Teacher, Visionary at Raise The Vibration

Book Design

Igor has a special love affair with books and thrives on giving special attention to typography, white space and simple and vivid imagery. He is an avid reader and also a writer, so every aspect of book design has naturally been of interest to him.

I first met Igor three years ago through my friend, Mary L. Holden, a Freelance Editor and Writer. Meeting Igor was like going out to infinity. I am an artist, and my work is continually evolving and changing. I wanted my web site design to reflect a fresh perspective for my work. The resulting web design was beyond my expectations. Igor knows how to push creative, and technical boundaries, and he takes great pride in his ability to produce a great product and service. Hiring Igor Brezhnev allows the creative genius to flow guaranteeing that his clients achieve extraordinary outcomes.
— Kathryn Henneman, Artist

Identity Design

Identity design is focused on creating symbols that represent people, ventures and ideas. In over a decade of working in this field Igor has designed many of such symbols—brands and logos for companies, personal sigils and monograms. His personal design style is highly geometric, typographical and grounded in study of symbolism. As an art director Igor often employs illustrators and artists to get a very specific feel for his identity projects. 

Igor’s work in the realm of graphic art design is some of the best I have ever seen. I get compliments all the time on the business card and logo that he made for me and his web design skills are unmatched by any in my opinion. Look forward to collaborating with Igor again in these areas. He has true creative genius!
— Steve Bass, Artist and Photographer

Website & Digital Media Design

Igor has gotten his start in web and digital media design. His first foray into the design field was creating websites as early as 1996, and over the years led to the change of his career from Information Technology to Art Direction and Graphic Design. He has deep understanding not only of layout and presentation, but the underlying technology of digital media. Currently Igor works with SquareSpace as the platform for website creation.

Igor brings an intuitive ability to his design, and allows the creative process to be fun, inspiring, and cultivates a space for your vision to be put into form. Igor is gifted in many ways, and a joy to work with. I wouldn’t recommend or personally work with anyone else.
— Jennifer Alyse Rogers, Public Speaker & Photographer

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