Igor Brezhnev is an author, an artist and a graphic designer, dubbed idea shaman by his clients. He is roaming the West Coast thinking up new art, books and helping shape creative projects.

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 The publisher  Joey Robert Parks  with the stack of copies of  dearest void . 

The publisher Joey Robert Parks with the stack of copies of dearest void

  dearest void  at the beach, photo courtesy of the reader.

dearest void at the beach, photo courtesy of the reader.

  dearest void  being read in an amazing setting. photo courtesy of the reader.

dearest void being read in an amazing setting. photo courtesy of the reader.

 Igor with  the book of possibilities  on the set of a video shoot about white space.

Igor with the book of possibilities on the set of a video shoot about white space.



Igor is an author of two published books. The first, the book of possibilities, was published online in February of 2012 and since then has been downloaded over ten thousand times. It is available for free download when you subscribe to his mailing list. The second, dearest void, was published in March of 2016 by Liquid Gravity Publishing in as a limited edition and is available to purchase on this website, in independent bookstores and on Amazon.

dearest void

Can a person have eyes as seeing as telescopes and a heart as large as planet Earth? Yes. Proof? This book.
— Mary L. Holden, writer & editor

dearest void is a collection of writings completed by Igor Brezhnev between the years of 2012 and 2016 and produced by Liquid Gravity Publishing for this limited edition.

Discover short prose poems and a couple short stories located somewhere between the mystical and the mundane, death and love, hope and despair, magic and reality, humanity and otherness. dearest void is a kind of travel diary with entries arranged not by date or place, but some arcane measure of encountered feeling.

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I met Igor Brezhnev in 2005 at a midtown Phoenix coffeehouse with a business name that would turn out to be the perfect description of our future friendship and what dearest void will bring into your life: Lux. This Latin word for ‘light’ is not as concerned with its literal meaning (the amount of illumination produced in one square meter by one candle’s intensity everywhere on a surface), as it is the otherwise invisible discoveries that are revealed from the light.

Espresso. Enlightenment. Conversation. Camaraderie.

It was into this brew that I discovered Igor, the heavy-bearded man whose large, formidable frame was preceded by a surprisingly soft countenance; whose intuitive graphic design senses were synchronized with deeply layered thinking and poignant, nuanced life ponderings. So in 2010, I brought Igor into my 55-artist 26 Blocks exhibit as a critical, foundational component. I needed to present a myriad of artistic styles in a way that blended—seamlessly and organically—all the artists’ works, and left the viewer with an experience of oneness. It is because of Igor’s magnificent and understated visual styling that those diverse elements felt like part of the whole.

During the years prior to writing this foreword, I heard Igor utter many imaginative word pairings, the occasional phrase of delicate precision that expertly captured the essence of 60 minutes prior dialogue, and the rare, exquisitely memorable paragraph honed and voiced in real time. I’d come to understand this was just Igor being Igor.

Somehow… dearest void is Igor being much, much more.

It’s like everything he wrote prior to dearest void was water stored in the catch pockets of a Freman’s full-body leather Stillsuit in Frank Herbert’s Dune. That Igor transformed the sweat of life’s joys and hardships, from the searing desert sands, into refreshing sips of water for later refreshment was impressive, to be sure. Yet what lay hidden below the endless wastelands of Igor’s Arrakis life, between the years of 2012 and 2016, was a secret: a vast cavern reservoir of drink named dearest void, visually resembling poems, but written in prose; intelligently shaped not for meter or rhyme, but solely to capture a particular feeling or experience.

Here in the cool expanse of dearest void Igor has captured the essence of loneliness, contemplation, homelessness, longing for love, attaining love lost, waiting, forgetting, playing, flirting, observing, despairing, questioning, joy, exploration, fascination, and all sorts of relatable and unusual experiences.

If my accepting Igor’s invitation to “have a look” at dearest void was like stepping onto the edge of a high cliff over the ocean, then embracing ‘this truth of a face asleep’ (page 1) is what propelled me into the air. As I fell through the empty space, I contemplated ‘easy love’ (page 9) and discovered, “it is easy to love the dead / they are not as messy as those alive / not prone to change their mind.” This confused and intrigued me, this concept of the dead not changing their minds, but I’d fallen faster than expected and my body hit the waves. As I sank through the deep to the ocean floor, ‘easy love’ enveloped me further: “it is easy to tell to a grave / all those wonderful things / it won’t keep you to your word”.

“Tell all the truth, but tell it slant,” said Emily Dickenson. Such slanted revelations—like another favorite of mine, ‘collecting memories’ (page 23), with its second perspective cleverly concealed in a portion of the text with an assumed reading direction—are the epitome of dearest void.

A void is empty; unfilled, unoccupied and uninhabited. It’s to this place that my dear friend and artistic colleague, Igor Brezhnev, has addressed this collection. Because you do not live in the void, Igor’s writings should never reach you.

And yet, they do.

Joey Robert Parks
Ghostwriter, Author, Social Entrepreneur
Founder & Director of 26 Blocks
03.11.2016 Phoenix, AZ

the book of possibilities

weep on rainy days.
then tears are like the salty sea of memories long passed. weep like the cloud weeps for some unseen unknown love of sky and earth. weep gently like the willow weeps to be the stream. weep till rivers brine are dry and sight of sun renewed.
weep so you may laugh in light.

Twenty six extra-short stories, bordering on poetry, invite the reader to open up to possibilities and gently question life, universe and everything. There is a lot of white space in the book of possibilities—quite intentionally so. The white space is part of the writing and, in physical form, invites the reader to participate—to write and draw in the book, to fill the white space with the reader's own character. While it is a book that welcomes the reader's pen, pencil or even scissors, it has had five years of life as purely an e-book and is still available for download when you subscribe to Igor's mailing list. Occasionally, this book gets printed in small quantities and is available for sale on this website.

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