Igor Brezhnev is an author, an artist and a graphic designer, dubbed idea shaman by his clients. He is roaming the West Coast thinking up new art, books and helping shape creative projects.

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A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

New Project Questionnaire

The first step in retaining Igor's art direction or graphic design service is to start the discovery process. The questionnaire starts the process and allows Igor to understand your project and get in touch with any questions he may have about your project.

Once the nature of the project, scope of work and your level of preparedness are determined, Igor will send you a custom estimate. Igor is also available for creative project consulting services if you need help in organizing your creative chaos. 

If you have any questions you can email Igor directly at info@igorbrezhnev.com.

Name *
Please let us know how you found Igor. Was it through a personal reference or through web search? Please include the name of the person that has referred you if that's the case or your search terms or website that led you here. Thank you!
Which kind is your Project? *
Is your new project an identity for a new venture, is it a book, is it a website, is it printed collateral? Any pertinent details about you and your project will help Igor understand the project better.
Please describe your audience—their interests, values, geographic location, anything that will be of help to deliver your message to the specific group.
In the terms of an "elevator pitch" give the message that your project is supposed to convey to your audience.
Please describe what you hope to achieve by completing this project. Include both quantitive (specific countable results) and qualitative (distinct ideas) goals. For example: "I would like to sell 500 books on the new website" or "I would like to get 20% callback rate from my business cards."
Is all the content for your Project ready? *
Do you have all the content (written, video, photography) ready in its final form?
What is the due date for your Project? *
What is the due date for your Project?
Knowing the due date allows for scheduling of your project. If your project has an open due date please mention it in additional notes below.
The budget number helps Igor to best plan your project. Igor works with each client to come up with an estimate that fits the budget and whenever possible finds ways to save the client both time and money.
Please include any additional information about your project.