Imperfect Geometry series of images were meant to be meditation aids. They are simple geometric patterns made complex through a trail of radial motion and use of color. While our minds wander off from contemplation of simple patterns, having “figured it out,” these more complex variations of simple patterns seem to hold our minds in the state of contemplation longer.

These new old images delve into the name of the series. I’ve been often asked why i titled the series Imperfect Geometry. The name stems from contemplating this mental construct that the world divides into absolutes: perfect and imperfect, sacred and profane. The simple patterns I have used as foundations of my images are often described as “sacred geometry.” I wanted to imply that sacredness and profanity, perfection and imperfection are in all things, in all geometries. 

As I was naming the series, I have also noticed a curious happenstance of English language in the word “Imperfect”: add an apostrophe and a space and the same letters become a statement: “I’m perfect.” Until now this particular observation was a private thought, but the most recent events in my life have put this notion forward—a unending cycle of seeing perfection in imperfect and vice versa. I believe that this notion gives an ability to break through limits we place on ourselves believing anything to be perfect or imperfect. 

I’ve created these two 12x18 posters with the two most popular images from “Imperfect Geometry” series, adding the words with the intention that it will serve as a daily reminder in your environment of finding perfection in imperfect and of looking for ways to improve on what seems perfect. I hope you enjoy these images. You can purchase the posters in my store