Let's Be Better Humans!

Many of my friends, clients and acquaintances were shocked to learn this Spring that in the past six years I’ve lived essentially without my own permanent home due to a wild mix of circumstances in my life. A few times I’ve ended up staying on the street, because circumstances didn’t line up quite right. I’ve been supported by my friends and strangers in these six years, providing shelter in this time of my personal storm. I’m not out of the troubled waters yet, but I am doing a lot better now than I was even two months ago.

  Jon Linton of  I Have A Name Project

Jon Linton of I Have A Name Project

One of these supporters has been Jon Linton of “I Have A Name” Project. He has an amazing gift of compassion and, what’s more, a will to act on that compassion. “I Have A Name” Project has done many things to to restore dignity, compassion and understanding for those less fortunate. I deeply resonate with the project's mission, because I’ve been there myself—in that place where life seems dark and no cavalry seems to be arriving to help—a place of no hope. Actions of people like Jon, renewed my hope, beyond the help I’ve received, a hope that I can turn my life around. His actions have inspired me to find ways in which I can take action as well—and become a better human.

This Summer I’ve arrived in Portland from Phoenix and hit the ground running trying to build on the momentum I’ve gained in Phoenix and get back to semi-normal existence. I’ve built a new website for myself, gathered all my creative efforts in one place, and located a stash of 76 Imperfect Geometry prints (a body of art I created in 2012) as well as 50 copies of my book, dearest void. I’ve put these items in my newly made online store and set myself a goal to sell these items in the month of August, so that I can become more stable and focus on creating more writing and art. A few days into my efforts, it occurred to me that I have an opportunity to take action just like Jon. So I reached out to him and offered to give 15% of all the profit from the sales this month to “I Have A Name” Project. Jon has agreed and now selling these items has more meaning to me.

Join Let's Be Better Humans campaign with me, whether by buying something from my store this August or by helping the organization directly. I look forward to make this relationship ongoing and find more ways I can help. My personal goal this August is to sell out the entire inventory of the store and to make sure that the support the project receives is substantial. I'll post updates as we make progress in this blog post—so check on it and share it often!

The books and prints make excellent gifts, so consider buying a few items for your friends as well as for yourself. Thank you!

15% of all profits from my store this August go to
the I Have A Name Project's Let's Be Better Humans campaign, directly helping people in need.