Igor Brezhnev is an author, an artist and a graphic designer, dubbed idea shaman by his clients. He is roaming the West Coast thinking up new art, books and helping shape creative projects.

KONGOS video in question.

 With  Joey Robert Parks , holding the first copy of   dearest void  .

With Joey Robert Parks, holding the first copy of dearest void.

  Working on Linda's book & website project with Mary Holden and Linda Heart at Lux Central in Phoenix

Working on Linda's book & website project with Mary Holden and Linda Heart at Lux Central in Phoenix

  With artist Sol Seraf (Christian O'Connell) contemplating joys of life.

With artist Sol Seraf (Christian O'Connell) contemplating joys of life.

  With Steve Bass, artist & photographer at Dearing Art Show.

With Steve Bass, artist & photographer at Dearing Art Show.



The rumors surrounding Igor Brezhnev are many, and include tales of a man who can walk through walls, hide within plain sight, and seemingly emerge from that imperceptible point between light and darkness — that intangible place between this world and the next...Is it too much to suggest that Igor is indeed an ‘idea shaman’?
— Robert W. Usher III, Writer

Igor Brezhnev is mostly famous for being `that bearded guy’ in KONGOS music video `I’m Only Joking’, but as hard as it is to believe, he’s done a few other things with his life. Igor is an author, an artist, a freelance art director, a graphic designer with a decade of experience and a consultant, helping people to organize creative chaos.

Born in Moscow, Russia, steeped in world culture from a young age, Igor was surrounded by living history and became a curious learner in the fields of philosophy, music, art and language. Even as a teenager, Igor was moved to discover the power of storytelling, both as an avid reader and a fledgling writer. He also has developed an interest in the Information Technology field, namely systems and network administration, which would become his first career upon his arrival to Phoenix, Arizona in mid 90s. 

  At  Threading Tales  art show with art from 600x600 series

At Threading Tales art show with art from 600x600 series

In late 90s and early oughts, Igor switched his career to graphic design and started creating visual art in the form of series of digital collages titled 600x600. This body of work has been featured in numerous group and solo art shows and is kept in multiple private art collections. During early and mid-oughts Igor became active in downtown Phoenix art community, participating in more art shows, serving a term on the board of directors of Artlink Inc. and creating a traveling group art show Threading Tales with two other principal artists and a rotating group of guest artists. In October of 2006 Igor had his final art show for the 600x600 series at Lux Central, an iconic Phoenician nourishment hub and thought he had retired from the business of art. 

Article by Mary Holden in Winter 2011 issue of MyTekLife magazine about Living Room Culture

He continued with his freelance graphic design and art direction practice, completing a number of notable projects in print, identity, book and website design categories. Igor remained deeply involved in the art world, supporting various artists, as a consultant, and assisting in production of group art shows, such as 26 Blocks, as a graphic designer and art director.

In 2010, Brezhnev launched Living Room Culture, a project that allowed visual and performing artists to connect with their audiences and share their art in a very personal way. The project operated for about six months and influenced Igor’s creative collaborative endeavors. 
In July of 2011, Igor was invited to participate in the Dearing Studio group art show by Phoenix veteran artist Steve Bass, who curated the event. The art bug bit Igor again, and after a few months after the art show, in February of 2012, he published his first e-book titled the book of possibilities, an exercise in minimalistic storytelling and use of white space. The book has been downloaded over ten thousand times since then and is currently being produced in print form.
In the fall of 2012 Brezhnev created a new body of visual artwork titled Imperfect Geometry, an exploration of relationship between complex geometric patterns and human mind while staying at Raise The Vibration Reiki Healing Studio. This body of work became the core of Art In The Box project, a performance art piece in itself, examining worth and value of art and presentation outside of the traditional setting. In 2013 Igor taken the book of possibilities and Art In The Box project on West Coast tour and moved to Portland, Oregon, upon tour’s completion.
In March of 2016 Liquid Gravity Publishing published Igor’s second book titled dearest void, a collection of his writings created between 2012 and 2016. Igor continues to do readings of this book and using its content to raise awareness of art, education, social issues and inspire audience's curiosity about human nature.
At present, Igor is working on extending his skill of organizing creative chaos to more people through his consulting practice, art directing and designing new projects for his clients, creating new series of art merging geometric and natural patterns, playing with motion, installation and projection mediums and working on a number of book projects.

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