Igor Brezhnev is an author, an artist and a graphic designer, dubbed idea shaman by his clients. He is roaming the West Coast thinking up new art, books and helping shape creative projects.

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Igor has worked primarily in digital medium primarily, exploring effects of patterns on human emotion and mental state. While his first series, 600x600, was primarily about expressing emotion and telling story through abstract digital collage, his more recent work was focused on placing the audience in a more meditative state of being. Currently Igor is working on a number of art projects, including installation and motion art.

In The Studio

You can follow Igor's art on his Patreon, meanwhile here are a couple of sneak peek views of his new work expanding into motion and merging geometric patterns and natural patterns.

Imperfect Geometry

The series of digital art titled Imperfect Geometry is an exploration of visual symbolism of complex geometric patterns. Most images in the series was created in 2012 at Raise The Vibration Reiki Healing Studio during Igor's extended stay there. This series was produced as 12”x12” and 13”x13” prints on archival paper and shown as a part of an improvised performance art project “Art In The Box.” The artist has carried a cardboard box containing art prints, labeled as such, performing individual showings at audience’s request in public spaces. Below are a few selected works from this series.


The series of digital collage art titled 600x600 was created between 1996 and 2005. The name refers to the fact that these collages were created as digital images at 600 by 600 pixels size. Each collage explored a single concept reflected by its title. The ingredients of these works were Igor’s photographs, drawn sketches, found photography, as well as public domain digital images of obscure art from ancient cultures. These works were then enlarged using fractal resizing method and exhibited as 30”x30” limited edition prints on canvas. A small grouping of these images were also printed as 12”x12” limited edition prints on canvas and displayed at Dearing Studios Art Show, organized by Steve Bass in 2011, as a retrospective of Igor’s work. Below are a few selected works from this series.

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