Igor Brezhnev

Nights Since

nights since (vol. 1)




In the 33 nights between January 18th and February 19th I wrote 33 poems. I typeset them into a 40-page 5x7 chapbook titled nights since (volume one). I will continue to write a poem each night until i find another semi-permanent home, so there may eventually be a volume two. The poetry is this chapbook is mostly raw and unedited—just as it was written. These poems are about life, all of it, as colored by being without a permanent home.

This chapbook release is to raise some money for a new endeavor called Lightship Press, a small press dedicated to helping authors to put their work out into the world. I hope to get to 132 pre-ordered copies —this will allow me to get 100 ISBN numbers and website hosting for Lightship Press. 100 ISBN numbers will allow me to assist more authors and poets to publish their work. A small portion of the proceeds also is going to pay a bill or two in my life.

The chapbook will be a limited edition run—made only for the people who pre-order it. Each copy will be numbered and stamped. The chapbook cost is $15 (+$3 S&H).

I feel it would be appropriate that poems written from the bottom of the well serve as footholds to climb out of the well or at least glimpse some light above.

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered and reserved a copy so far. If you have not yet, you can still claim your copy for the next couple of weeks, while I’m running the pre-order process and working on book production details. I will only print the exact number of pre-ordered copies.

Thank you!


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