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hello wonderful being!

Thank you for visiting this website and taking interest in my projects. If you do not know me personally, a short introduction is in order. My name is Igor Brezhnev, I am a human being from Earth, born on the continent of Europe and currently living in the city of Portland, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of North America. I am an idea shaman and artist of senses, writer, dreamer, traveler, maker, thinker, an aspiring barrel-rider and a bit of a wizard-in-learning to boot. My talent is making complex concepts simple and sharing uncovered information with other beings.

Currently, these projects I have created are available to you for enjoyment:


contact information

I am quite fond of communication and epistolary genre in particular. So it would be quite a pleasure for me to receive your letters. As I do not have a permanent residence and move quite a bit, it is difficult to maintain a reliable postal address. The best way to contact me is through email: info@igorbrezhnev.com.

If I am on the road I may not respond right away, but I try to address every correspondence I receive as soon as I am stationary.

If you are interested in any of my projects or have particular questions related to operation of those projects please contact me and people working with me on respective project's website. This way if I am unavailable, you may get a response from someone who is helping me with that project.

Thank you!