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hello wonderful being!

My name is Igor Brezhnev. I am, among many other descriptions, an idea shaman, an author, an artist of senses, a tinker and a thinker. Currently, I travel between Phoenix, Arizona and Portland, Oregon calling both cities my home.

On this website you will find links to my many projects and ways to contact me. My most recent project is a book titled dearest void. I hope you enjoy it when it comes out this Spring. In January of 2016 I've also started an account with Patreon, a website that allows people who enjoy my writing and art to become my patrons, get fun rewards and support me in my creative endeavors. This year I am also starting to publish a monthly email newsletter you can subscribe to in the contact section.

Thank you for visiting this website and taking an interest in my projects!

photo by Killian Mckeown

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